Abbey Taylor

Travel Consultant

I have always had a passion for travel ever since I was young going on family holidays and learning about geography and the world in school. My first introduction to the travel industry was when I did a cabin crew course in college.

I then started my career in travel back in October 2017 in business travel where I got the chance to visit Turkish Airlines head office in Istanbul then joined Kayne Travel in April 2019 where I’ve had numerous amazing trips and opportunities such as Antigua and Munich and I’ve have had my feet firmly under the desk ever since.

Countries visited:

Minorca, Majorca, Barcelona, Greece including Rhodes, Skiathos, Kos, Corfu, Lesvos and Skopelos, Portugal, Gibraltar, France (Disneyland Paris), Turkey, Germany and Antigua

Favourite destination:

Greece! The food just speaks for itself but Antigua is definitely up there too. Talk about picture perfect paradise!

Travel tip:

Always use a travel agent! Instead of takings lots of adapters, just take one and an extension lead. So much easier!

Last holiday:

Disneyland Paris

Where next?

New York

I love finding my customers their dream holidays...